I'm On Fire © 2007 Vampire Luvsongs

"Is it hot in here, or am I burnin' down?"

This was another of the first batch of songs we took to Vegas to record. It was Ian's original idea. It was however, a nine minute epic. We shortened it, rewrote some of it. We recorded it as a true three piece band rhythm guitars on solos, licks flying everywhere, and every note counts. I love three-piece rock's like playing naked...Lynn





I'm On Fire © 2007 Vampire Luvsongs
L ynn Sorensen~words/music
Ian Crawford~words/music
Jeff Kathan~music

Lynn Sorensen~vocals/bass
Ian Crawford~guitar
Jeff Kathan~drums

Recorded at Digital Insight,
Las Vegas and TUTA, Seattle
Engineers: Matt Spy and Lynn Sorensen

All songs produced, mixed and mastered by Lynn Sorensen

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