Las Vegas Rocks © 2007 Vampire Luvsongs

Joe and I were messing with my new Mackie HDR recorder back in 2004. In learning how to use it, we wrote the music in pieces...which, I later pasted into a complete idea. We brought Jeff in to place a drum track and presto, another song without words!

Fast forward to 2007, I've been spending a lot of time recording this record in Las Vegas. I love Vegas! Shane Valdez has spent much time and money getting us off the ground. I can't thank him enough. He was on my ass to write a song about Vegas. He has spent most of his life there, so, I asked him to send me some Vegasism's. He sent me five pages worth! Out of that I wrote the words. This song is for you Shane, and to all the people of Las Vegas. It ROCKS!

Special thanks to Matt Spy for his production ideas...Lynn




Las Vegas Rocks © 2007 Vampire Luvsongs
Lynn Sorensen~words/music
Joe Shikany~music
Jeff Kathan~music

Lynn Sorensen~vocals/bass
Joe Shikany~guitar
Jeff Kathan~drums

Recorded at TUTA, Seattle
Engineer: Lynn Sorensen

All songs produced, mixed and mastered by Lynn Sorensen

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