REALM Films Presents Sex And Violins

REALM Films Presents Sex And Violins
Shane Valdez, Producer
Shane Ryan Valdez, Director

Big Shane was dying to do a video for the song Sex And Violins. His son Ryan had won some awards for his short film work (19 Miles To Vegas) and worked with Panic at the Disco, Tool, Jet and Nora Jones.

At first they wanted me hauled off to jail...then they decided to have me killed. Cool. It is a song of extremes, how far will a lover go? Besides, I know a few girls that would like to see me dead on the screen!

Big Shane handled the casting call for the killer, and boy did he hit the ball out of the park. Elly is her name and she has a look in her eye that would make a lot of men (and women too!) think of leaving their other half in a blink.

In January of '07, we flew down to Vegas and started the shoot. Vegas in the winter...perfect. We start by taking over the Art Bar. If you needed a location to shoot your dive bar fight scene for your Chuck Norris movie, this would be it.

Next, we closed off Fremont Street and shot the taxi scene. Shane paid a driver to take the night off and be in our vid. The cool thing about it all was I got to ride around Vegas for an hour getting cozy with Elly in the back seat while they filmed up front.

Next, we end up at the Palms...sneaking a shit load of camera gear past the elevator guards and up to our rooms. We shoot the bathroom scenes. I'm in and out of that tub for four hours! She rips my heart out, puts it in a box, smears a little blood on the floor with her foot (that movie blood sure looks real) and out the door. Four hours of film, yes film, not video, was shot.

The band shots in the light bulbs were a brilliant touch by Ryan. It was particularly fun breaking them with our guitars.

Many, many thanks to Shane, REALM and Ryan for his vision...the guy is a creative genius. We'll be paying to see one of his feature films someday!

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