Sex and Violins © 2007 Vampire Luvsongs
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I was sound checking my bass for a Paul Rodgers show at the famous Colston Hall in Bristol, England in October of '06. Colston Hall is a small 2,000 seat theatre world-renowned for it's amazing acoustics. It is also built on top of 1,000 year old catacombs used in the slave trade. The whole place has a feeling of being alive.

Inspired, I began playing what would be the foundation line for Sex and Violins. I envisioned the song being one of extremes between verse and chorus from sublime to violent.

Back home, I presented it to Ian and Jeff, and within 30 minutes, we had a bed.

A few weeks later, we recorded the rhythm bed at Digital Insight. Shane Valdez, who later directed our video, was at that session and came up with the name for the act "Sex and Violins." I knew this would be the title track when I left Vegas.

I penned the words and recorded the vocals and violin at my home studio...Lynn



Sex and Violins © 2007 Vampire Luvsongs
Lynn Sorensen~words/music
Ian Crawford~music
Jeff Kathan~music

Lynn Sorensen~vocals/bass/and violin
Ian Crawford~guitar
Jeff Kathan~drums

Recorded at Digital Insight, Las Vegas and TUTA, Seattle
Engineers: Matt Spy and Lynn Sorensen

All songs produced, mixed and mastered by Lynn Sorensen

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