You've Got Me Addicted © 2007 Vampire Luvsongs

I wrote the bass line about three years ago. It's a simple thing, done on a fretless. It has the effect however, of calling up the spirits.

Jeff, Ian and I were sound checking for a Spike and the Impalers New Year's gig, December 31, '06. I asked Jeff to play the beat to Led Zep's Kashmir. To that I played this bass line and the song was born.

A couple of weeks later, we were recording at Digital Insight in Las Vegas. Having never done the song since that sound check, we cut the bed in one take. I love recording that way!

Having a vocal melody idea for the chorus, but, not any words, I recorded "Jeff Kathan's A Pussy"...later becoming "You've Got Me Addicted." A week later I penned the words and recorded my vocals in my studio.....Lynn



You've Got Me Addicted © 2007 Vampire Luvsongs
Lynn Sorensen~words/music
Ian Crawford~music
Jeff Kathan~music

Lynn Sorensen~vocals/bass/and violin
Ian Crawford~guitar
Jeff Kathan~drums

Recorded at Digital Insight, Las Vegas and TUTA, Seattle
Engineers: Matt Szpyrka and Lynn Sorensen

All songs produced, mixed and mastered by Lynn Sorensen

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